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Birthdate Calculator - Calculates a birth date from the death date and age at death that appears on a tombstone, death certificate, or obituary.

Day of the Week Calculator - Calculates the day of week for any date (day, month, and year).

Calculate Duration Between Two Dates - Calculate age at death using a birth date and death date.

Calendars for the Years 1899-2008

Julian to Gregorian Calendar - An explanation, and a handy chart, for working with the calendar change.

Social Security Death Index (from Ancestry)

Inflation Calculator - Using the Consumer Price Index, determine today's value of yesterday's monetary amount.

Old Handwriting Style - Examples of writing styles from the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries.

Surname Distribution in 1920 - A graphical representation of the distribution of a specified surname across the United States in 1920.

Census Extraction Forms (from Ancestry)

U. S. Population 1900-1999

Roman Numeral Converter

Soundex Converter - Convert any surname to its soundex equivilent

Relationship Chart - Determine the relationship between two people sharing a common ancestor



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